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Animal Reading

A heartfelt and empathetic conversation with your pet

  • 1 hour
  • Remote

Service Description

Communication with animals can give us rich insight into their personalities, moods, how they view the world, what they need, and what may be bothering them. In these sessions, I connect with the animal remotely with respect and empathy and simply have a conversation. You may provide a list of questions you'd like answered, and you can request a body scan to check for any physical or medical issues. Animals often use images to communicate, or they will use words that may mean something different to us. For example, a dog may say their favorite place to hang out is the 'fishpond', when referring to the plastic painted kiddie pool in your backyard. Or, when asked about their favorite food, they may send an image of a soft white wheel that looks like cheese but is in fact the Starbuck's egg and English muffin breakfast sandwich they once stole from your dashboard. This is why the animal chat is followed up by a human one, in which together we can review - and decipher - what was communicated. Sometimes the animal communicates displeasure, suffering, pain, or illness, and this can be understandably difficult for the human to hear. If the conversation or the body scan reveals what appears to be a medical issue, it is important that you as the guardian follow your own inner wisdom and do what feels best to you. I am not a medical provider and can only share what I believe the animal is genuinely communicating via our telepathic or energetic connection. Occasionally, I will try to connect and will be asked to come back. (They're too busy or distracted, it happens!) If that occurs, I simply try again later. Rarely, my request to connect will be declined. If that happens, I honor that with no questions asked. *These readings are not scheduled. I connect with the animal within a week of this booking, and then contact you via email so we can arrange a time to talk on the phone about the conversation your animal and I had!

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your request for a reading, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Contact Details

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