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Intention is Quantum

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

All of the tiniest things in our reality are studied by quantum physicists; they watch and analyze the subatomic ingredients that make up the structure and character of everything in existence. They discovered years ago that ‘solid’ matter is not solid at all, and that absolutely everything is actually made of tiny vibrating packets of energy. That includes me, you, your desk at work, the cat on your bed, and the planet we are walking on. They’ve also discovered that these tiniest packets of energy sometimes act like particles, and sometimes act like waves, and that their behavior can’t be consistently predicted. That means that if a few atoms were taken from your body and observed with high powered equipment in a lab, the elements of your atoms would sometimes act like ‘solid’ particles, and sometimes act like diffuse waves, and no one would be able to predict when or why these behaviors would appear. Can we just pause a moment and let that sink in? (For more on that, you might start with: Uncertainty principle | Definition & Equation | Britannica) The effort to understand why this is has compelled many theoretical physicists to search for a theory of everything that can explain all the kooky behavior that is observed on this subatomic level - and even has some grudgingly making room for the idea of a God, or at least an Intelligent Designer, as a plausible explanation for the masterful and mysterious order holding everything together. But why don’t we see this odd behavior here, at our level of reality? Why is everything predictably, eternally, solid-looking? Why don’t we see zebras changing into rainbows, lamps into water, or humans turning into musical notes? One explanation is that non-ordinary events are actually all around us, happening all the time, but we simply don’t accept them. Some of us call it magic, some miracles, or signs and wonders, or divine action, or something else, but in general we have steeped ourselves in a way of looking at things that ridicules or dismisses anything that can’t be easily explained at this moment in human development. So, we collectively engage in constant acts of not-seeing. That is, until the right person, at the right time ‘discovers’ something that was always there but that can now be measured and moved into the column of science. The wonder and workings of our cell phones is absolutely phenomenal - how can a slim little box receive the voice and image of someone who is thousands of miles away - and in real time? What exactly are the invisible radio waves that carry the information between our phones and our satellites, and how do those waves carry the information so accurately? Just because we can now manipulate the mechanics of that process does not mean it’s no longer fantastical; it just means we’ve caught up to some understanding of that particular bit of magic. Another explanation is that it’s all about intention. Intention, or will, always precedes a choice. It’s a simple chain of cause and effect: intention decides form, then form determines the action. Here’s an example: if I intend to hit someone, I generate that intention first, then my hand forms into a fist, then my fist shoots out quickly to make contact. If I intend to welcome someone, I create that intention first, then my hand opens up and extends forward slowly. My hand was my hand in both scenarios, but a different intention created a different form with a different result. So, what if we are in fact determining whether we are in particle or wave form, moment by moment, day by day, by our intentions? Remember how you felt that last time you were really scared, or under a lot of stress? How did your body feel? I feel drawn in, tight, constricted, and very dense, and from what I’ve heard from others, this is a very common experience. Is this because we've drawn ourselves into a protective particle form? Now remember how you felt when you were filled with joy, or gratitude, or love. How would you describe your body and those physical sensations? I feel expansive, free, much, much lighter, and yes, wavy. Personally, I also feel more powerful in these moments, as if I could handle any dire circumstance that tried to roll my way. Is this because we've literally intended ourselves into the form a wave? Let's consider the power of music. It's invisible, very wavy, and even though we can create it we don't really understand how it works. Why is it that a sad soulful tune, or a lighthearted number, or our favorite dance beat can so quickly and powerfully alter how we feel about ourselves and about life - or hit us so negatively that we cringe and scramble to quickly change it? Is it because the intention and form of the song’s wave meets up with our vibrating packets of energy and influences them into a kind of wave or particle? It’s curious that the insights of the new quantum science haven’t steeped more broadly into popular culture. We love our superpower movies, and the word quantum is on the rise in a lot of contexts, but we still tend to see our reality as a mechanical display of solid objects separated by empty space. And if we believe that our larger reality is fixed, it’s natural to believe that we ourselves are already determined and predicted too. But I’ll leave you with another truth that has emerged from the labs of physicists, and I hope that you really let this one settle deep into your cells and fill them with new life: If all of the wave-like space was removed from the human body, the ‘solid matter’ left behind would be the size of a speck of dust. And all of humanity would be the size of a sugar cube. That means that you are 99.99% wavey space, and wavey space is not determined or destined. It is glorious, undefined, unlimited, potential.

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