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The original comprehensive beginner's course on how to trust yourself, move through your self-doubt, and connect with Spirit.

Soul School is a twelve week course designed to help you identify and deepen your extrasensory and intuitive abilities. From the foundational ability of moving into a receiving state, we explore mediumship, channeling, psychometry (reading objects), sacred journeying, and connecting with spirit helpers.  We connect all of these skills and practices to the unconditional love and wisdom that is always present for us in the invisible realms.

When we meet

Each class is two hours and will meet once per week for twelve weeks.  You will also be invited to join the online community for growth and support between classes and after graduation. 

Where we meet

Classes are offered in Montpelier, VT and live online. You can select your preferred location in the Google survey below. 

Each cohort is limited to eight students so that we can go in depth, support each other, and take the time to practice a technique before progressing to the next one. 

What we cover

  • An overview of energy and electromagnetic fields

  • the autonomic nervous system and why it matters

  • identifying and naming the extrasensory skills

  • working with tools: oracle cards and pendulums

  • understanding the sources of the information you receive

  • how to connect with and read the energy of an object 

  • how to read the energy of a person

  • how to meet and connect with your spirit helpers

  • how to connect with another's spirit helpers (channeling) and how to connect with departed loved ones (mediumship)

What you will get

  • Course workbook

  • online community to stay connected and supported

  • graduation party and 6-month reunion!

  • a wonderful, growing community

Select your preferred class schedule and sliding scale tuition

Below is a link to a Google survey in which you can select your preferred class schedule and sliding scale tuition. If at least one other person selects your preferred schedule and location, then that class will start! You will receive an email notice that your cohort is starting. Our first class will meet one to two weeks later.

Soul School Preferred Schedule - Google Forms

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