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Why we all have extra-senses

As energy beings in an electromagnetic universe, we all have the ability to access the information carried in the wavelengths around us. Often called psychic abilities or ESP, information is received in our bodies or minds as an expansion of the sense perceptions we consider ordinary. The most recognized ability is the gut feeling, or intuition, which sends us unexpected information about a person or situation.

Identifying and deepening your unique extrasensory abilities is most effective when you are generous with yourself. We may tend to have a narrow definition of what a genuine spiritual experience looks or sounds like, or to compare ourselves to others who seem to have mastered a particular skill that we want. But we're all born with extra-senses, and by practicing some simple techniques with self-empathy, you can deepen and refine them. 

Below are brief descriptions of the most commonly identified extrasensory abilities. These terms are often interchangeable with others and are sometimes fluid or imprecise in meaning. They are provided here as a resource to help you identify the skills you have but which may be unacknowledged or under-developed.

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Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the non-ordinary expansion of sight. Often referred to as seeing with the 'third eye' or ‘mind’s eye’, information is received in the form of visions, symbols, waking dreams, or lucid dreaming. You may also see the souls of those who have passed over (ghosts), angelic beings, spirit guides, or other beings



Clairsentience, or clear feeling, is the non-ordinary expansion of physically experiencing one’s own emotions or conditions. Also referred to as having empathic ability, information about another person or situation is received and expressed in your body. For example, you may feel another person's headache, a sensation in your knee where they had past surgery, or congestion in your lungs from someone with respiratory issues. With clairsentience, it's common to physically experience sensations and impressions from your environment, which can make it difficult or intolerable to be in large crowds or around people who are experiencing strong negative emotions like fear, anger or sorrow.



Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the non-ordinary expansion of hearing. Information is typically perceived as an inner voice that has a different cadence or tone from your own, although it is possible to receive audio information that is outside the body. This skill is used by mediums who are hearing from the souls of the departed, and channels who are hearing from beings who have not been embodied on earth, such as angels and spirit guides. You may also hear sounds, music, or other tones which are being received for a variety of reasons such as personal symbolism or for healing and restoration.

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Claircognizance, or clear knowing, is the non-ordinary expansion of common cognition. Information is received in the mind as sudden, unplanned insight or knowledge of another person or situation. The information may relate to a future event, as with many of the biblical prophets, but it may also be insight into the motivations of others, a spontaneous understanding of the nature of reality, or a persistent internal urging to make a particular choice. Our intuition or 'gut feeling' is an expression of this ability.

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Clairalience, or clear smelling, is the non-ordinary expansion of our ability to detect scent. Information comes in the form of perceiving scents and aromas that cannot be explained by your physical environment. This is sometimes used by the souls of the departed to get the attention of their living loved ones by sending a scent that had personal meaning. You may also receive aromas from your guides or other helper beings as a form of communicating information or sending encouragement.



Clairgustance, or clear tasting, is the non-ordinary expansion of our ability to taste. Not as frequently discussed as the other abilities, information is received as taste sensations in the mouth, and may be used by a departed loved one or other helper being to signal their presence or provide encouragement.

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Telepathy, or distant perceiving, is the non-ordinary expansion of the ability to talk with someone else. Telepathic communication is a silent and undetectable exchange of information between two beings and is usually perceived as occurring in the mind. Telepathic communication can occur with another human, an animal, a tree or other living organism, or the energy of a departed soul or spirit guide. It is possible to have telepathic communication with a non-organic object as well, such as your vehicle or a piece of jewelry, as everything in existence is electromagnetic.

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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a variation of clairvoyance and is the ability to see other locations with the mind’s eye, usually to a significant degree of detail. The CIA used remote viewers during the Cold War to gather intelligence on Russian military outposts, and a complementary research program was run by Stanford University for decades.



Telekinesis, or distant movement, is the non-ordinary expansion of the ability to use our hands. Using the power of the mind, or intention, objects can be moved or manipulated without physical contact. This ability was popularized in the Star Wars series as the mind control powers of the Jedi.

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