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About Us

Megan David
Founder and Owner

I hold an MA in sociology, and a BA in religious studies, and have worked for non-profit and governmental organizations for most of my professional life. In 2003, I had a series of profound spiritual experiences which caused a real and meaningful shift in how I perceived the non-ordinary realms and the nature of creation. Since then, I have walked though many spiritual seasons which have been rich, challenging, painful, and deeply transformative.


I am a professional channel, animal communicator, and intuitive reader.  But my deepest joy is to help others develop their own intuitive and psychic abilities, to meet their spirit guides and other allies in the non-ordinary realms, and to intimately connect with the unconditional love, support and guidance of Source or Great Spirit. 


I have been doing spiritual development work with individuals and small groups for more than twenty years, and am also a Healing Touch Program Apprentice with more than 130 program and mentorship hours.

VT Kindness Project logo.png

Kimberly Pierce, The Vermont Kindness Project

The Vermont Kindness Project believes that all life is sacred and that our world would be a better place if we all had universal education about the medical science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This research proves what we already know to be true, that stress leaves physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds in our bodies. Dr. Robert Anda, the author of the ACE study tells us that “what is predictable is preventable;“ yet how do we prevent that which we cannot even speak? The ACEs framework is the language, and by bearing witness, we remove shame and empower ourselves and each other. The Vermont Kindness Project believes that the time is now to create a brighter and more loving world, and that kindness to ourselves, our fellow humans, and the earth can and should save the world.

Heather Stearns headshot.JPG

Heather Stearns, Handcut Hodgepodge

Heather Stearns is a professional collage artist who is passionate about making art accessible through found/upcycled materials.  Her goal is to create space in the community where people can explore their own intuition through this creative medium.  As a child Heather was very drawn to ripping and cutting up magazines, which quickly became an essential creative outlet throughout her journey.  Heather obtained a BA in Creative Writing w/ a Concentration in Poetry and explored multiple different career paths before a near-death experience changed the course of her life.  After spending a couple years finding a way out of the darkness, Heather refocused her life to what had always fulfilled her the most: collage art.  Since pivoting towards healing through art, Heather has been commissioned for both public and private collectors, shown art in numerous galleries and venues, and has attended two artist residencies in Scotland through Kolaj Magazine.  She currently cuts, rips, and glues in White River Junction, VT with her studio mate/rescue dog, Marshall.

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